Koch Free WGBH

WGBH can

do better than

David Koch.

How much more will David Koch spend to mislead Americans before WGBH removes him from its esteemed Science Visiting Council and Board of Trustees?

As a leading financier of efforts to deny and distort climate science, David Koch confounds public understanding of climate change in contravention of the WGBH commitment to foster an informed and active citizenry.

Tell Board Chair Richard M. Burnes, Jr. and the WGBH Board: David Koch Must Go!

Signers so far: 41,861 Our goal: 45,000

What’s David Koch been up to?

Spread the word about our fight for a Koch-Free WGBH!

The success of this effort will depend on how Bostonians and WGBH fans across the city will respond. Already, over 50,000 people from across the country have signed the petition urging WGBH's Board Chair Amos B. Hostteter to remove David Koch. Now we have to take our campaign to the greater Boston community.

Click below to print an informative flyer about the Koch-Free WGBH. Then, hand it out to your friends, co-workers, and family to let them know how and why they should get involved.

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Here's what members of the WGBH community are saying about David Koch:

As longtime members of WGBH, and people who appreciate the accurate and honest journalism and science reporting on WGBH, we believe that someone like David Koch has no place on our board. His positions and actions are the antithesis of everything WGBH stands for.”

--Mark and Debra Bohrer from North Andover, MA