January 21, 2013

Forecast the Facts Responds To Obama's Second Inaugural Address

Since the first days of his candidacy, President Obama has courted comparisons with President Lincoln, who faced down slavery, the moral challenge of his day. In response to today’s inaugural address, Forecast the Facts campaign manager Brad Johnson issued the following statement concerning President Obama and climate change, the moral challenge of our generation.

"No-one wished upon this nation the offense of climate change, but from Staten Island’s stormy shores to the parched fields of Kansas, all the wealth piled by the oilman’s one hundred and fifty years of unrequited drilling is burning away. As he acknowledged today, Obama must strive on to finish the work we are in, to do all which may achieve freedom from the tyranny of fossil fuels. If he does not confront the scourge of climate change, he will let our nation perish."

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Forecast the Facts is dedicated to ensuring that Americans hear the truth about climate change: that temperatures are increasing, human activity is largely responsible, and that our world is already experiencing the effects. We do this by empowering everyday people to speak out in the face of misinformation and hold accountable those who mislead the public.

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