February 25, 2013

Forecast the Facts Applauds the Arizona State Senate for Protecting Climate Science In Classrooms

Education Committee Refuses To Consider Climate-Denial Bill SB 1213

PHOENIX, AZ – Forecast the Facts applauds the Arizona State Senate Education Committee for refusing to consider SB 1213, legislation which would have allowed climate denial to be taught in Arizona’s classrooms. Thanks to the joint effort of Forecast the Facts, 350.org, and SignOn.org, nearly 10,000 Arizonans signed peitions calling on committee chairwoman Kimberly Yee to kill the bill. A key supporter of the effort against SB 1213 was State Senator David Bradley, a member of the education committee. The bill, introduced last month by State Senator Judy Burges, met its demise after the committee failed to hear the bill before the scheduled deadline of February 22nd, a Bradley staffer confirmed to Forecast the Facts.

“As a father, graduate student, and Arizonan, I’m grateful this miseducation bill never made it out of committee,” said Vince Pawlowki, Forecast the Facts member and creator of the petition on SignOn.org. “Our children deserve to know the scientific facts about climate change. They are the ones inheriting a world in which it is a stark reality.”

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