10,000 GM Owners Demand the Company Stop Funding the Heartland Institute Immediately

More than 10,000 GM owners, and 20,000 total Americans, have joined the campaign calling on GM to stop funding the climate change-denying Heartland Institute. See what they have to say below, and then sign the petition here:

Tell GM: Stop funding the Heartland Institute

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  • GM made a positive step when it put the Volt on the market. It is a car to consider when we need a new one. But I don't like that GM is putting money into an organization that is a political smokescreen for businesses looking to avoid environmental regulation. I further don't like that GM is doing this, since taxpayers bailed them out. I don't care what you think about climate change; we do not need our environment polluted more than necessary! The companies who are claiming climate controversy are driven by greed not necessity. If you are with them, than I cannot support your company.

    Dixmont, ME

  • I am a current GM owner (Sierra Truck), and I can assure you that this will be my last GM vehicle until I know you have our children and grandchildren's best interest at heart. Your back door association with flat-earther dark ages organizations is extremely disappointing and an attempt to move this nation backward, not forward. Shame on you all.

    Coeur D Alene, ID

  • As a long time GM customer I am asking you to please pull your finding from the Hartland Institute. The subject of climate change is a proven fact and no amount of think tank redrick if going to change that. You have done wonderful work with the Volt and other masures to help fight global warming. Please reconsiner you funding of the Hartland Institute.

    Bay City, MI

  • We're planning to replace our two wonderful Japanese cars in a few months. We've been considering buying US thi time as a way to help yhe country. However even we will not even consider a company that denies science instead of improving their products.

    Tempereatly Reduce, AZ

  • Come on, the debate is over - climate change is just as real as the landing on the moon, the terrorist attacks on 9/11, President Obama's birth in Hawaii. Why don't you spend your money on making your cars, trucks and vans more efficient and more reliable. That's what the people I know want - cleaner, more efficient vehicles, not head-in-the-sand denial.

    Oakland, CA

  • As the heat continues to scorch and the drought continues to annihilate crops and wild life in Texas, it is appalling to learn that you are funding global warming deniers. I urge you to end this practice at once.

    Spicewood, TX

  • We are about ready to buy an electric or hydrogen car and we would like our car company to be consistent on climate change and not have any profit from the high cost to go to blunt the impact of what we are trying to do by being responsible citizens. Your help in that regard would be appreciated.

    Billings, MT

  • I will NOT support any company that supports right wing Heartland Institute. Had pla nned to replace a chev pickup-now shopping for a Ford or Toyota-NO GM cars in my driveway(always had olds Chevy Cadilac)

    center harbor, NH

  • As a former GM stockholder, I am appalled that GM is financially supporting the Heartland Institute, which exists to disseminate disinformation on global climate change (and other issues, such as the hazards of second-hand smoke.) Stop supporting this organization!

    Coarsegold, CA

  • Really? The "Heartland Institute"? I've sold my GM truck and will not buy anymore of your products after helping to bail your company out, until you withdraw funding from the Heartland Institute. Denying climate change realities doesn't make the CLEAR facts of science disappear.

    Santa Barbara, CA

  • I received a quote for the Volt last Friday, and was working with my bank for financing. I now see that you guys have not learned anything and Lutz's "global warming is a crock of shi@" midset is still very alive at GM. I will buy a Leaf. I feel sorry for your sales reps, but I cannot in good conscience purchase from GM.

    Vienna, VA

  • This sort of funding from publicly traded corporations is outrageous! Heartland's paid liars pushed tobacco long after we knew the deadly dangers. GM should pull all funding immediately from this Big Oil lobby group masquerading as a "think tank"

    Oakland, CA

  • I've been a fan of GM since taking hundreds of family outings in our 60's era Olds Delta 88, and my first car, a 1974 Chevy Vega. But as long as GM supports, in any way, any form of Climate Change denial that is not backed by sound, credible and broadly supported science, I will boycott all of GM's products and urge my friends to do the same.

    Berkeley, CA

  • I supported your company, not only when teabaggers wanted you to go out of business, but when I then bought a Chevy Equinox (which I love). For your company to support phony Climate Denial Science is Outrageous. How sad that you contribute money to people that hate the fact the your company still exists

    Saint Marys, GA

  • My Prism was a great car! Thanks! Now repay my loyalty by coming clean about climate change. Why perpetuate a mass deception? Sooner or later the gullible will learn the truth and your hard-earned credibility will be lost forever. Integrity must count for something to someone in corporate America.......at least that's what some of us once thought...

    Phoenix, AZ

  • Good morning. I implore you to terminate funding for a program that subverts science and common wisdom. It was my intention to purchase a Volt for two reasons. One, to purchase a American car to support American jobs. Two, to reduce my carbon footprint.

    Melbourne, FL

  • This is why I have never, and will never purchase a product from General Motors. You wonder why they need bail outs, its because they lack the common sense to confront change. However, there are enough dumb rednecks in the U.S. to still keep them afloat currently, thinking their vehicle is "american". Mind you I'm American, i'm just not a stupid consumer. Quality over quantity should always be top priority.

    Stevens Point, WI

  • Hey GM, don't make me regret supporting the government bailout. I've owned 3 GM cars over the last 20 years, not a lot really, but I'm happy to buy a Prius...get out of science denial, and get busy building a better car, for a change.

    Woodinville, WA

  • It's one thing for Republican bigots to be anti-science, and another for a car company. It's only a matter of time until no one can still claim it's not happening without ridicule. This is a complete waste of money and I wont buy one of your cars until you pull your head out.

    Salem, OR

  • I grew up with GM cars, but I wouldn't even consider purchasing one now because, as far as I can tell, your company is moving backwards. Please get on the right side of history with the rest of us who cherish our one and only habitat. Your board of directors and your executive management should be ashamed of such hateful policies. Your purposely irresponsible actions hurt ALL of us. Wouldn't it feel wonderful to do the right thing by humanity?

    Denver, CO

  • Geez, my dad worked 32 yrs for GM and was a farmer on the side. He knew of climate change and was concerned. He also loved GM. If he were still alive he would have been heartbroken.

    Big Bay, MI

  • I refuse to buy anymore GM cars until you stop funding the brainless heartland institute which claims that climate change does not exist. Please walk your talk and don't be hypocrites. I and many others are watching and will opt to choose other cars.

    Lake Oswego, OR

  • We currently own a 2008 CADILLAC, DTS, level 3. This is our 3rd CADILLAC, 2nd DTS. It does not make us happy to own GM products, then find out that GM is funding the Heartland Institute, and major climate change-denying "think tank". You know, we were part of the American Taxpayers that bailed out GENERAL MOTORS. It stinks that our taxes are contributed to a group like Heartland. I respectfully request a response from a car maker that I helped get back on your feet, now making money. That sours in my stomach as a Cadillace owner.

    Pickerington, OH

  • I won't buy again if this issue is not solved. Your clients know how important this issue is. Hopefully, to retain good customers, good buying customers, you will change funding to Heartland Institute.

    Chicago, IL

  • I really want to see General Motor company succeed and be the best automotive company in the US. Seen where GM donates sums of cash to an company that doesn't even want you to succeed, doesn't make sense. I really want to support GM and buy my next vehicle from your company. I'm waiting for all electric vehicle that doesnt take gas at all. Please revise your decision on your donations or charity's. And give to local communities or institution that helps real American people. I'll be watching as a future customer.

    Gilroy, CA

  • I am a current owner of a Saturn (which will need to be replaced in the not too distant future), and the holder of now-worthless GM stocks. I am appalled that a company which I've personally supported, and which has been supported by my tax dollars, has been funding the Heartland Institute. I will certainly bear this disturbing information in mind when I choose my replacement vehicle. GM. please wake up and hear the voices of the people who have kept you in business.

    Louisville, CO

  • I am considering buying a Chevy Volt because coupled with solar panels, it will substantially free me of fossil fuels. It disheartens me to hear that, even after we the public, helped GM through a hard time, GM will sponsor such an institute that runs counter to all of what is American. We Americans DON'T bury our heads in the sand, we take the bull by the horns and resolve problems, not push them on to other generations. Global warming is real and needs to be dealt with. GM can be a major player in this or be part of the problem.

    Oswsego, NY

  • Pleas STOP funding climate change denying "think tank"! Climate change is REALLY HAPPENING! It is happening right now! This winter is really warmer than usual, due to climate change. So, do not support organizations that do not believe in climate change, because climate change is REAL!

    El Cerrito, CA

  • dear GM, i remember MANY YEARS AGO when the tobacco industry fought so hard to say that smoking did NOT cause lung cancer because there was "no scientific proof". Don't be short sighted and do the same thing no as the tobacco industry did then.

    Glendale, NY

  • If your company wants to fund those who deny the findings of the very same science that spoiled you with the science that allows you to build the cars you sell then maybe America needs to boycott GM products!

    Lafayette, IN

  • I am from the Detroit area and have a great respect for the automotive industry. I have seen what its success and decline has done to the city. I am deeply disappointed in the fact that GM is denying climate change. It's like the 2012 version of the SUV disaster. Wake up! Innovate, elevate your brand identity and realize that in the long run, denying climate change will hurt us all. They don't call oil a non-renewable fossil fuel for nothing!

    Jersey City, NJ

  • I am appalled with GM's involvement in this sort of misinformation campaign. I have done my best to stay abreast of credible information regarding our environment, and these are the exact propaganda projects that make that so difficult: biased projects that care nothing for the planet or its people, only about profits and avoiding admitting complicity in activities that do us all harm. My wife and I put our GM (Impala) up for sale today. I will be selling my GM vehicle and I will not be purchasing another one.

    Mount Clemens, MI

  • Current owner of a Saturn (which I love). Why in the world would anyone try to deny the photos of the shrinking glaciers or other obvious evidence? How much more evidence do we need?

    Saratoga, CA

  • Dear General Motors, Please tell me this isn't true. I sincerely hope you are not supporting the Heartland Institute in their effort to promote denial of climate change, and that taxpayer dollars intended to get General Motors back on their feet are not being used to promote teaching our children mythology in the place of science. I am a high school science teacher of 32 years and have watched the process of science come under increasing attack from right-wing, self-serving, short-sighted zealots. The message of the Heartland Institute will be recited in my classroom over my dead body. You need to publicly denounce this, and know that this GMC truck owner would never buy another General Motors product if these accusations are indeed true.

    Libby, MT

  • I will not consider purchase of your product if you continue to support a climate change denying think tank, the Heartland Institute. You were happy to take tax dollars and mouth that you would be proactive in addressing concerns about climate change. Where are you now? Think about how this kind of reaction will affect you - do you really think this backtracking will help your bottom line?

    North Ferrisburgh, VT

  • I am in the market for a new car, but i will be damned if I will support again a company that bites the hand that feeds it. There have been times that your management team has not made the best decisions for your company. Why do you think that you should make decisions that totally defy science and support Heartland Institute. There are so many other worthwhile causes that you could support with OUR money.

    Livonia, MI

  • If you want to donate your money to a good cause, how about cancer or heart disease or something everyone would appreciate and something which does not take sides politically? I'm not sure what your agenda is, here.

    Orem, UT

  • I used to work for GM, when they found out they could have the heads and blocks made in another country and brought back here for less than what they paid us, we lost our jobs. I would never buy another GM product!!

    naubinway, MI

  • We have owned 2 GM cars, trading up every few years, for the past 25 years. I think we will review our decision of brand upon learning your backing of the Heartland Institute. How is it possible for your to reconcile your efforts at creating more fuel effective automobiles and at the same time back the Heartland Institute. Disappointed and disheartened.

    Tonasket, WA

  • I was handed down a Chevy truck and was impressed to learn that you had come out with an electric truck. As a forever Ford owner, this was refreshing news and made possible the switch. I am not impressed at some of the things that I learn about the donors and company outreach however, such as giving to someone like the Heartland.

    Brooks, KY

  • I own both a Chevrolet pickup and a Cadillac sedan. I am also a scientist, internationally recognized Systems Engineer (INCOSE) that has consulted for GM and a registered Professional Engineer in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Software Engineering with over 50 years of experience with complex systems analysis and development. If you misguided sponsorship of debunking climate change is not reversed, this will be a major consideration in my choice of vehicle purchases.

    Greenville, TX

  • We use science to create new products and advances that allow for 4WD and GPS and yet, somehow inexplicably choose to ignore the science of Global Warming. The planet is warming from several factors. This is undeniable. To pick and choose ones science is vain, dangerous and convenient opportunism. Please stick to making your product and not supporting Heartland Institute's attempts to politically muddy the truth. Thank you. PS: I would appreciate a more affordable and environmentally efficient Silverado.

    Albuquerque, NM

  • General Motors has been kept afloat by American taxpayers through a massive bailout. So it's outrageous to learn that our tax dollars are literally ending up in the hands of the climate-denying Heartland Institute. AMERICANS don't support companies the deny climate change!!! Wise up GM!!!

    Athens, GA

  • Global warming is real. It is not a hoax like the radical talk show host Rush Limbaugh says. It is based on scientific study by many dedicated scientist and well recognised throughout much of the developed world. It is only greed and lack of concern for my grandchildren that makes people deny facts.

    Wright City, MO

  • As a current 2008 Impala LTZ owner (but never again will I own a Chevy), climate change is one of the biggest issues we face. Get with the program GM and stop funding deniers and start making your vehicles more environmentally friendly.

    Utica, KS

  • As a loyal GM owner, supporter, stock holder and retired worker, I am stunned to know that GM Could be a source of purposeful Misinformation about Global Warming. This is not the sign of a good corporate citizen. this makes me feel ashamed that I have supported GM with loyalty to their house and car insurance arms as well as buying nothing but GM cars for the last 45 years.

    Mt. Pleasant, SC

  • I am a proud GM auto owner, but the support for the Heartland Institute will definitely jeopardize my next purchase of another GM vehicle. Climate change is not a myth, it is reality. Please do the right thing...

    Austin, TX

  • You listened to me about my Saturn (which I STILL love!) Please listen to me know. Climate change isn't any kind of scientific controversy. It's becoming a scientific fact with far reaching consequences for everyone and everything on the planet. Don't support the lies of those who deny.

    Scotts Valley, CA

  • Revelations like this make me want to make this GM purchase the last for me and everyone who asks me about my car. Please pull your funding from the Heartland Institute so I don't have to find a new car company.

    Honolulu, HI

  • As a stock holder of GM I am very disappointed you are funding Heartland. If this continues I well sell my shares.

    Hollis, NH

  • We will be in the market for a new car in about 3 months and climate change is an important factor in which car we will choose. It is important to know what we are doing to the planet that we make educated choices for our children and grandchildren.

    Simi Valley, CA

  • The positive response you have received from the public because of your recovery, with tax payers' help, is tarnished with your funding of a group that is guilty of fostering false environmental information at a time when this planet is threatened if we don not act responsibly now.

    Santa Cruz, CA

  • The best way to earn customers is to be good to our planet and do what is right. Those who are denying that global warming is happening are simply not paying attention to what is going on, and your funding this activity is a mistake in the long run. You would earn my trust by creating great vehicles that are better for our planet. Please do so.

    Vashon, WA

  • We bailed you out now please don't bail on us . Please stop backing climate change denier Heartland Institute. We do not want our money and tax dollars going to a organization like the Heartland Institute. Thank you

    Carol Stream, IL

  • I am and have been a loyal GM customer since purchasing my first car at the age of 16. This news is alarming, and I will certainly keep it in mind when I go to purchase my next vehicle.

    Lawrenceville, GA

  • It's shame that GM talks out of both sides of its mouth by pretending to be pro-environmental while, at the same time, funding the Heartland Institute, a huge climate change denier. Please let them know that they can't have it both ways. If they really cared about their customers and the environment, they will stop funding this organization and start funding organizations that are working to reverse climate change.

    Miami, FL

  • I am a current owner of 3 GM cars. I am very disappointed that you are funding the Heartland Institute. This group has crazy idealisms and I don't think you should be funding them because they aren't trying to make the world a better place to live in. Please do the right thing and honor loyal GM car owners like me and stop helping the Heartland Institute spread outrageous and dangerous lies.

    Woodinville, WA

  • Drive a GM Yukon that I purchased new in 2005. Ready for a new car but will not buy GM if you continue to support this organization.

    Camas, WA

  • Heartland Institute is not an organization I have ever supported. We have always owned GM cars, with one exception. I will tell my husband that I will have to think very seriously about what car I own once I want to get replace my van, which I love.

    Midland, MI

  • I'm a former Buick Owner (1 year and a half ago). I'm alarmed to hear that "Heartland Institute" is your project. It's not just climate change, it's pollution. There's NO going backward to create clean air, mercury free air, healthy air.

    Neil C
    Oklahoma City, OK

  • Whether a person or entity "believes" in the science behind climate change or not, there is no excuse for corporations continuing to avoid improving energy efficiency nor for continuing to show complete disregard for the environment they are polluting and abusing.

    Bolton, MA

  • This is precisely why I haven't bought an American made car in decades and why I will not do so until I am convinced that the American auto industry no longer has its head in the sand regarding climate change.

    Port Orford, OR

  • I'm in the market soon for one or more new vehicles and one item I have in my selection process is if the manufacturer care for our World and its environment. Those that support the "Hearthland Institute" fail to meet this test.

    Warwick, NY

  • I still own my 2002 Buick. I have also owned several Chevrolets and a Pontiac. Focus on building better cars, not distorting science. I also bought a Geo Metro once that got 60 mpg. Where is that car now?

    Cuyahoga Falls, OH

  • Whatever your stated and/or real reason for funding the Heartless ... I mean ... Heartland Institute here is a better reason to defund it. We're aware, we're watching and your action or inaction, as it were, may have consequences to your balance sheets.

    Philadelphia, PA

  • My husband and I purchased a 2011 Volt and a GMC Sierra Hybrid last year. I guess it is time to restart showing the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car" in my university classes again! -Prof. Elizabeth Gingerich

    Valparaiso, IN

  • I am very disappointed that the company my father worked for faithfully for so many years, and many of whose cars I have owned and driven, is supporting this foundation, now that its many nefarious initiatives have been revealed. I was delighted that our government, with my taxes among others, and the UAW contributed to rescue it from the recent depression, and to learn that it is prosperous and increasing production and employment once again..

    Grosse Ile, MI

  • I won't be an owner of any GM product, they lie about climate change, so it stands to reason they lie about any claims they make about their product. We the 99% bailed you out, and that's what we get in return. You spend your profits on the group Heartland, and anticipate what in return?

    Fenton, MI

  • Global climate change (warming) as a direct function of human activity is an established fact. Heartland -- as shills for those who bankroll them -- are to climate science what the Tobacco Institute is to health issues related to smoking (and smokeless tobacco products); in other words, they are not merely disingenuous -- they are LIARS. My family will soon be purchasing a new motor vehicle; guess which automaker will NOT even be under consideration (and we have purchased many GM vehicles over the years).

    Potsdam, NY

  • What's wrong with this picture? GM is funding the Heartland Institute, a phony "think tank" dedicated to selling out the human race in order to promote the greed of the 1 per cent and particularly the oil, gas and coal industries. What's wrong with you people? Why would you support the anti-human agenda of these greedy opportunists?

    Des Moines, IA

  • I only purchase cars made in the US. That means I purchase mostly GM vehicles. I have for years. I don't like this move GM is taking. Pay back the loans first. Fiddle in politics later and at the risk of losing loyal customers.

    Mariposa, CA

  • As a leading technology organization, I would hope that you consider climate change as a real fact of life that you are and will be designing products to accommodate. Please don't support enterprises that deny climate change and try to affect public education on that subject (as well as denying second-hand smoke and cancer links). You are better that that!

    Elkhart, IN

  • I just, literally yesterday, bought a 2012 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ which I am picking up at the dealer today. I have been looking at small hatchbacks with good gas economy & great features. I selected your car because it is made in America! I wanted to feel like I am helping those workers in Michigan have jobs and I supported the help GM got from the government and is now doing a great job turning things around and making better than ever cars. I also applaud your Volt although it is out of my price range. All of this, is to say that global warming is a reality and everyone needs to roll up their sleeves and make cleaner cars & better alternative fuel cars. We will support you and our future generations rely on you to make good choices now.

    Greenville, SC

  • i've been a gm buyer for about 20 yrs. stop this wacky support of right wing fringe stupidity. i am currently in a equinox, but i will go elsewhere next time. stop being ugly americans and start being apple pie americans!!!!!!!!!

    Maple Grove, MN

  • Denying climate change, and the attendant economic chaos, doesn't stop it from happening. Funding climate denial is also a misuse of Company funds. I helped you out. At least have the decency to act prudently.

    Walnut Creek, CA

  • The time for deniers to stop their lies and tunnel vision focus on making big profits is right now (e.g., Big Oil and their politicians). These people are on the wrong side of science and history. But unless they're called out as ignorant, our children, grandchildren, and future generations will pay the price of a destroyed planet. Deniers need to be stopped, blocked, and ignored.

    Pasadena, CA

  • To: General Motors(GM) Corp.: This message is to ask you, to consider help on the clean air and climate change, by supporting a clean and tranparency of information brought to the public consummers on this matter.This is your social responsibility with America.

    Suffern, NY

  • I have purchased new 2 GM cars in the past few years (Chevy Malibu & Cad CTS). I've held a GM Mastercard for more than a decade. But I don't want my money going to people like Heartland, I may have to look at Fords next time I need a new car.

    Albuquerque, NM

  • Love my GM auto, but not any lies about the climate. Think of it this way: one day, GM will figure out how to make money from this and then GM will be screaming "Climate Change!" from the rooftops. All you have to do is put the research funds in NOW so that GM is FIRST to solve the problem. That's the sign of a TRUE capitalist ... and the sign of what an American company was like in the mid-20th Century: can-do problem solvers. If you need to be motivated by greed instead of good, so be it: use the greed to do the good.

    Valhalla, NY

  • We enjoy seeing the USA in our chevrolet. Please support responsible environmental groups. Climate change is well documented and not controversial as Heartland Institute wishes to promote thru our education system. Taxpayers support you, now you need to suppport the taxpayers who stuck up for you!

    Muskegon, MI

  • I had been considering purchasing a GM vehicle this summer. However, in light of this activity by your company, I am now reconsidering whether I should purchase anything from GM. I'm sorry, but your support of this fringe group is upsetting to me.

    Milwaukee, WI

  • We're not stupid, just informed, right? You had the money, you're doing good, now do RIGHT by the people on this planet. Big corporations continue to lie, like oil, so they don't have to clean up the mess they make on MY planet. We have always had the wonderful Cadillac and will continue to buy. But we're getting old and issues of climate and health are more important to us and our progeny. We're changing our behavior for the rest of the world to see. You can do that too. Thanks...and peace. Rosemary Schroeder

    St.charles, IL

  • My car is getting old quick and pretty soon I will need to buy a new car. These findings about GM are very disturbing to me and unless they stop funding this deceptive institute I will definitely NOT consider purchasing a GM car.

    Orange, CA

  • As the owner of a terrific Chevy 1 ton pickup, I am appalled that you would fund climate change denial. Especially in light of taking a bail out from the government that you are undermining! Please stop funding climate change deniers.

    South Beach, OR

  • Please STOP funding Heartland. institute! It is wrong on climate change as it was on second- hand Smoke and cancer! We bailledyou out and now you need to pay us back and not fund groups that oppose the majority of us.!

    Lincolnstreetlincoln, NE

  • As a taxpayer, I helped fund the GM bailout. You are still in business because of me and millions of other Americans. As a GM stakeholder, I demand that you sever all financial ties with the Heartland Institute. Mark Skok

    Escondido, CA

  • GM can't sell more or better cars by ignoring reality. Nor does it build cars without understanding science. Climate change is a scientific question, not a political one.

    Cambridge, MA

  • We need to face the fact that transporting goods and people using fossil fuels pollutes the planet, and has an effect on the climate. Your company, should be looking to find a way to a better future, rather than trying to muddy the waters on clear scientific evidence, that irreparable harm is being done.

    Yreka, CA

  • My first car was my parents' 55 Chevy which I still drive. My first and last new GM car was a 74 Vega. I look forward to the time when I can in good conscience purchase a new clean, energy efficient GM car after GM has stopped funding irresponsible climate change deniers such as the Heartland Institute

    Winona, MN

  • If you deny "climate change" THEN most Americans will deny your cars. Stop funding the Heartland Institute - the group that says it's perfectly okay to smoke and not worry about cancer. I hope the owners of Heartland and their families all smoke. We bailed you out, and we can (and will) put you right back where you were, or worse!

    Ira & Ellie
    Beverly Hills, CA

  • The Heartland Institute does just fine spreading misinformation without help from an American company that should know better. Unless GM really does want to help climate science deniers cloud the facts about Global Warming? That would be a shame.

    Hesperia, MI

  • It is unconsciounable to sell our planet's future for your financial gain. Where will your descendants live when Earth's atmosphere is rendered too dangerous, as evidenced by increasingly extreme weather events and anomalies?

    San Rafael, CA

  • American taxpayers played it straight with your bailout, we do not deserve misinformation and obfuscation on climate change in return. GM needs to work toward vehicles that use less energy from more sustainable energy sources.

    Lake Oswego, OR

  • In a day and age that conserving gas/oil is very important while at the same time protecting our environment. How can you side with climate change deniers. The science is in man is accelerating climate change. My next vehicle will compliment my scientific beliefs.

    Minden, NV

  • You shouldn't be supporting this group in any way, all of their concerns are anti-American and anti-humanist and I will not consider replacing my current vehicle with one made by GM until you remove all funding to this group. Thank you.

    Tyringham, MA

  • I grew up on a steady diet of GM you see my grandfather & grandmother both retired from there. I love GM cars & trucks. But I am ashamed to hear that they deny the scientific facts about climate change. Wake up GM & stop funding Lies!!!

    Galveston, IN

  • Even though I own my car, I will sell it and guess what I will not buy!!! Of course if you should change your lying and tell the truth about the the organizations you support I might be inclined to reconsider you hypocrites!

    North Chesterfield, VA

  • Shame on anyone who has children or grandchildren to be twisting or denying evidence on global climate change. 'There is no business to be done on a dead planet.' (David Brower) So, if you hope to stay in business, there better be children who can grow up and buy your cars, and hopefully by then, those cars won't have emissions that contribute to the carbon in the atmosphere.

    Kirkland, WA

  • I'm in the market for an electric car next year. Clearly, it should be the Leaf.

    Glenmont, NY

  • There's very little to be lost if you believe that man has a part in global warming and it turns out down the road the he deoesn't. But being determined that global warming is a hoax and then finding out when it's too late you're wrong, will only bring disaster to you and our planet. One would think that a company like GM would be looking to the future and would be doing everything it can to ensure that the future even comes; not supporting an organization which tells you to close your eyes and pretend there's no danger that may make the future be tomorrow.

    Deer Isle, ME

  • After accepting the "bail out" funded with American tax dollars, you claim that you want to "proactively address the concerns posed by climate change." Therefore, I am outraged to learn that my tax dollars are ending up in the hands of a group like Heartland. I have always owned GM vehicles and currently own a 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer which I may consider trading in within the next 6 - 12 months. However, if GM continues to fund Heartland and other such climate-change-denying groups, you can bet your sweet booty that I will NOT be purchasing another GM product. Thank you.

    Debbie S
    Big Horn, WY

  • I don't own a GM car, but that makes me a potential GM-car owner, doesn't it? Well, up until I heard about GM's funding of Heartland, it did. What unbelievable hypocrisy ~ certainly not surprising, though.

    Pacific Palisades, CA

  • As a former owner of a Chevrolet Camero, I am disappointed to learn that you have been funding Heartland Institute. This especially in the light of releasing the Chevrolet Volt. I urge you to pull the funding from this organization. Thank you for your time.

    Seattle, WA

  • The Heartland Institute is really an odious institution. It manufactures misleading and polemical fringe science reports and press releases to confuse and mislead policy makers. I consider this practice to be highly unethical. You, GM, should not associate yourselves with it by providing financing of their disreputable activities.

    Midland, TX

  • You are beautifully positioned to be a champion in Green technology and a major move by the public to non-petroleum and high efficiency petroleum back-up vehicles. Stand with the health of people and our mother Earth and quit support to this fraudulent "think" tank working to validate the fear of change.

    Sacramento, CA

  • I as a GM buyer of some 8 cars and trucks through the years, am extremely disappointed in GM for funding right-wing think tanks like the Heartland Foundation. They are the biggest climate deniers in the country!! They spew so many lies it is without saying they are a radical group supporting big oil and billionaires like the Koch brothers and others. Please, quit funding these groups and address the climate change with your products like the Chevy Volt...

    Mascoutah, IL

  • While responsible corporations are trying to address climate change as a real and present threat to the well-being of all of us, the Heartland Institute is peddling junk science (and incidentally, trashing GM and you personally). And you contribute to these crazy ingrates???? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! Hey, instead of working so hard to rebuild this country's industrial base for the 21st century and developing smarter, cleaner cars, why don't you just invent a big, heavy, inefficient car that runs on coal and belches the maximum amount of smoke and fumes into the atmosphere? Heartland would love that because we all know that the atmosphere is limitless and the more carbon in it, the better. Please cut the funding to these nuts, and use the money to fund R&D for a cleaner, brighter future.

    Philadelphia, PA

  • You took your best product at the time off the market (Saturn). The electric models were taken from those leasing them when the owners did not want to return them. You had such a great chance to be on top then. Now to find out that the Volt is a joke to you and want Heartland to push the climate change as a "controversy". We still have two Saturn vehicles, but when we get something else, it will be with a company that believes climate must be reversed. Where are your grandchildren going to live when everything is more of a mess on this planet because their grandparents couldn't adapt to change?

    Indianapolis, IN

  • You're making better cars through better engineering. Now make better decisions with better science. Don't help the Heartland Institute spread unscientific nonsense that will damage our planet.

    Mill Valley, CA

  • I will be letting all my family and friends know that GM is funding the deniers of global warming and that they should re-consider which cars and trucks they buy -- unless GM stops funding Heartland or any other such efforts. Our lives are at stake.

    Ithaca, NY

  • General Motors has been kept afloat by American taxpayers through a massive bailout. So it's outrageous to learn that our tax dollars are literally ending up in the hands of the climate-denying Heartland Institute. AMERICANS don't support companies the deny climate change!!! Wise up GM!!!

    Athens, GA

  • I was heartened to see GM recover after the Great Recession with America's assistance in a crisis caused by banking shenanigans outside the control of GM. I have also considered buying your new products, such as the Volt, that effectively address catastrophic climate change impacts, past, present and future. I am disheartened that you fund climate change deniers. how deep must we dig our own graves before we see the lie. Are we going to be the Titanic already sinking while those in control try to shout "Oh, it's nothing don't worry about it". Please stop funding Heartland Institute and other climate change deniers. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem! Thank you.

    Kennesaw, GA

  • Climate science is valid because it is science. You shouldn't state you employ science in the manufacturing of your products if you don't accept science that applies to other concepts. If science can be backed up by evidence, which global warming does, then it's valid.

    Ripon, WI

  • I find it very offensive that our tax dollars bailed out GM, only to find that GM is funding a climate change-denying "think tank", Heartland Institute. Climate is real...it is right wing politics that is not real. If GM wishes to make money by selling energy efficient and electric vehicles, i would suggest that you believe in the reason for the need of that product. If you don't believe, the public will not believe in your products. How two-faced GM is.

    Valley Glen, CA

  • I cannot advocate GM to friends when I know GM donates to Heartland Institute whose goal is to supply public schools with anti-climate change curriculum and privatize public schools through vouchers. Please end all GM donations to Heartland Institute to regain your integrity after taxpayers bailed out GM.

    Camarillo, CA

  • We own a GMC van and think it's great, but do not want to help fund a company that has their head in the sand and denies climate change is real. Would hope you would reconsider being part of the Heartland Institute.

    Nelson L
    Stevens Point, WI

  • As a current and past owner of your products I commend you for your leadership. climate change aside the internal combustion engine needs serious change. G.M. needs to step up, be a leader and not be a party to Hartlands stance. G.M. needs to take a business approch and develope non-petrolum base cars.

    Acton, CA

  • I am signing this because I believe that the taxpayers' dollars should be used for other purposes instead of funding a company that is in denial re: climate change and it's effects on the population and environement as well as on wildlife.

    Winfield, IL

  • The funding of fake science can't be dissociated from their other activity. As a shareholder as well as a taxpayer, therefore part-owner two ways, I insist the donations to this loathsome organization stop and a public apology be issued.

    Minneapolis, MN

  • I drive a GM car and am committed to buying 'American,' but I will not buy another car from a supporter of climate change deniers! Stop funding to Heartland Institute, and start funding research and development of clean, renewable energy sources.

    Fisherville, KY

  • Scientists around the world have been studying climate for years. There is no more doubt about it's existence than the fact the world is round. Yet greed makes it necessary for corporations to continue to deny it's existence. They don't want to stop polluting; it's an extra operating expense they don't want. Hence, buying politicians is cheaper. Politicians are willing to lie for $.

    Ocean Springs, MS

  • My family has owned nothing but GM cars since the 1960s. We are Michiganders, and my dad spent 40 years working for a company that supplied steel to GM. However, times change and GM needs to change with them: we will have no choice but to stop supporting GM if GM won't support us, and a healthy environment for generations to come.

    Kalamazoo, MI

  • I am from a GM family, my dad worked for GM for 47 years. He would be shoked to see his company supporting an anti-science agenda at Heartland if he were still with us. But I am and will gladly stand in as his proxy, get out of Heartland!

    Oak Park, IL

  • I cannot in good faith buy products from a company that is actively support the demise of our eco system when there are clear solutions available today for keeping our planet healthy and life-sustaining. Your electric cars are one step in the right direction. Your politics of supporting propaganda designed to fuel the need for your petroleum-based vehicles is two steps back, leaving you a step behind where the world is heading...with or without you.

    Charlotte, NC

  • I bought a 2011 Chevy Cruze because of it's features that made it a quality fuel efficent car that made for the first time American cars RIVAL my trusted imports to make me want to BUY American. Your company starts supporting and funding anti-environmental right wing think tanks and liars who are also classic UNION bashers, I'll be buying another MAZDA faster then you can say Zoom, Zoom!!!

    De Pere, WI

  • I have been a Chevy fan from a very young age. (I am now 61.) My parents bought only Chevys and it has been my usual car of choice. I own a classic 74 Camaro LT. However your donation to the Heartland Institute, with its anti science pro oil stance, has me angry. Change your policy or I will never buy another GM auto. I am also a secondary teacher of science. The propaganda about climate change they are producing is bad science. It should not be supported.

    Ballston Spa, NY

  • Before funding an organization that takes an advocacy position on a science question of major import, it is a civic duty to inform oneself as to whether that advocacy position is plausibly in line with scientific evidence. There are many climate change deniers who base their suspicion upon the association of the worldwide science panel with the United Nations, an organization they suspect of Anti-American agendas. One can get around that by taking a few weekends to survey the publications of our very own National Academy of Sciences. They have published at least eight reports and two articles (in their "Proceedings" journal) related to Climate Change. These can be found by going to the web site of the National Academies Press (www.nap.edu) and entering "climate change" in the search window at the upper left of the home page. You will be faced with choosing one of two paradigms: there is man-made global warming, or else America's most eminent scientists are engaged in a conspiracy that knowingly endangers the economy of the nation. They are either experts telling the truth or they are traitors. Is it plausible to invest in the latter world view?

    Albuquerque, NM

  • I grew up in a GM loyal family, and when looking at colleges I was flown up to Flint and really considered Kettering with the hopes of working for GM. With an corporation as large as GM, producing something that is so ubiquitous and such a key part of our modern days--GM can be a part of progress towards sustainability. Giving any money to the Heartland Institute is halting that progress; it embarrasses me that I've admired your business so much, only to learn that when I meet ignorant climate change deniers, GM has played a role in supporting think tanks that disseminate such misinformation. I would like to have a reason to admire GM again.

    State College, PA

  • The leaked documents also reveal Heartland's intention to affect public education by positioning climate change as "a major scientific controversy." This is business as usual for a group that made its name denying the links between second-hand smoke and cancer.

    Wheaton, IL

  • It seems what GM is doing is counterintuitive to a long term corporate recovery. It also seems wreckless in light of proven scientific facts. GM should be working to create or at least assist in solutions, especially since their vehicles don't perform under water, of when blown off the road due to extreme winds, a part of climate change!

    Lewisburg, KY

  • The American people supported you in a time of need. It's time for you to pay the favor back by funding only groups that make a POSITIVE difference in the lives of people. The climate change deniers will still be denying it as the entire polar region melts. Please stop funding groups like the Heartland Institute...groups who go against overwhelming scientific evidence to the detriment of the planet.

    Ogden, UT

  • Have always bought GM cars because I believed in buying and supporting American companies. But lying to those who support you is NO way to treat loyal consumers. GM, spo funding these lies! And destroying the faith put in you. You can only suffer severe losses by acting this way and destroying the trust of your customers.

    Pleasant Hill, CA

  • GM was bailed out by American taxpayers, and the says it wants to "proactively address the concerns posed by climate change." I am outraged to learn that our tax dollars are ending up in the hands of a group like Heartland!

    Berkeley, CA

  • If you continue to be anti-science for the sake of profit, you WILL lose customers, now and in the future. Lying for advertising, and now generating a false think tank to oppose real climate science, is unethical and will mark your company as crooks. My tax dollars funded your bail-out. My personal dollars bought one of your vehicles. Be rest assured that lying to increase profits will not be looked upon favorably by the public, and you will go bankrupt again as you lose your entire customer base.

    San Francisco, CA

  • Especially after receiving taxpayer assistance, funding the Heartland Institute is unacceptable. Depending on whether or not GM continues this funding will definitely affect my decision concerning future purchases of a GM vehicle.

    Rogers, AR

  • GM is regaining their strength and should not be funding anything but their workers and their products! Please support alternative fuels for your autos NOT Heartland's climate change deniers. Thank you.

    Maxine Nadel
    Tampa, FL

  • I bought a Chevy Avalanche, new. I have been pleased with my first GM product. We were looking at the Volt as our next car, but if I do not hear a different tune on climate change I will go back to Fords. They at least made great strides in their manufacturing plants to reduce their footprint. Stop funding the Heartland Institute with the monies I spent on your car!

    Montpelier, VA

  • I worked for GM for 5 years after finishing college and military training. I currently own an Impala and have owned 5 other GM cars over the years. I believe that climate change is real and so should you.

    Linn Valley, KS

  • I am the proud owner of a GMC Terrain, which I purchased because I wanted to see GM succeed. As a customer with a PhD I am appalled that any money from GM's profits would go to a group like Heartland Institute.

    Greendale, WI

  • I have loved my Cadillacs for years! I would like you to listen to the scientists and adjust your support to back climate change! You are the finest car maker in the world and I expect you to listen the the Professional Scientists who are the finest in the world attempting to save the planet for our future human beings. Thank you in advance for supporting the human race and recognizing global warming for what it is and vowing to stop it from continuing!

    Bakersfield, CA

  • I own 3 GM vehicles ( and have owned several previously as did my parents). I am very disappointed that GM would fund this organization. This "scientific controversy is drowning polar bears and endangering many species including homo sapiens. I just lived through the worst drought in Texas history. Why don't you stick to the Volt-good job- and like measures. Sincerely, Pam Vise-consumer

    Deer Park, TX

  • I presently own a GM product - and, finding out about your secret funding of this climate-change denying organization really disappointed me terrifically. I thought you were better than that ... I can guarantee you my next car will not be a GM product if you continue this alliance...

    Chalfont, PA

  • The Heatland Insitute is a biased and politcally motivated "unthinking tank". Please desist from providing any funds to this unworthy organization. We admire your profit reports this month but would not like to create a boycott that would harm legitimate profits

    Winnetka, IL

  • Have owned many GM cars in the past, but not currently. Glad to see GM profitable again and supplying jobs. However, very upset to think GM does not believe in Climate Change and is fighting against it. Smell the coffee and pitch in to save planet and climate...not add to the problem.

    Waukegan, IL

  • I bought a new Malibu a couple of years ago to increase my gas mileage and grow jobs in the US.I am very concerned about our problem of climate change and global warming which is a undeniable fact of life on this planet. Stop supporting this disinformation and get real!

    Kansas City, MO

  • I used to own a Chevy Nova 5-speed manual that got 40 mpg. Why not put your money into making fuel efficient cars like that instead of wasting time and money denying something that's be proven scientifically.

    California, MD

  • If you don't become part of the solution then you are part of the problem. As one of the taxpayers that funded your bailout I demand that you stop funding climate change deniers like the Heartland Institute or I will never buy one of your cars again and the next time you need a bailout I will oppose it to my elected officials.

    West Palm Beach, FL

  • I find it very upsetting, as a consumer, to try to buy American, when American companies have no real commitment to the environment. I bought a Chevy last year, but the gas milage is appalling and now this. I want to support US workers, but GM is making that almost impossible.

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • I know your other golfing CEO pals think this the correct thing to do and you don't want to be caught out but as a loyal Buick owner (25 yrs) this is a big deal for me.The Heartland Institute is a shill for Big Oil. I can't in good conscious purchase another GM product or encourage my family to purchase one until GM stops supporting a think tank that cares only for corporations over the needs of the planet and it's inhabitants.

    Evanston, IL

  • I was happy to support the rescue of General Motors. But GM has betrayed us by supporting the Heartland Institute with their record of spreading disinformation and lies. The Heartland Institute also runs an "Operation Angry Badger" campaign to try to help Scott Walker win his coming recall election, a likely violation of 501(c)(3) rules. GM, by your continuing support, is part of these tactics.

    Madison, WI

  • I am looking to buy a vehicle and was looking at the Chevy Volt and Cruze in an effort to buy a fuel efficient vehicle. I had not realized despite the Chevy lines incredible fuel efficiency that behind the scenes there is an effort being made to deny climate change. If this continues, unfortunately, I may not be able to buy domestic.


  • The future is a car that is either hybrid or like the Volt, using new efforts to plug in using son costing like 37 cents per mile. Sun comes up everyday, mideast oil is radical in price. Oil is also running out. Climate change is real.

    Rogersville, TN

  • I also have an address in Palm Coast where I have been looking to upgrade to a 2012 chevy. I now drive a 2007 Colbalt, one of the best vehichles I have ever owned. I am not pleased with the dishonesty of GM at this time. My parents worked at Delco Remy during WWII and most of my maternal family were also auto workers with GM. They are rolling over in their graves. My heart would break if I had to go to Ford or Chrystler...but I will buy American. Please don't lose what you have gained in popularity. We need American cars and GM is my choice. I will watch before I purchase now. Besides I fully supported the bail out as did many other American auto owners.

    Covington, GA

  • Am seriously interested in purchasing a Chevy Volt, BUT will absolutely NOT buy one if if GM continues to fund climate change deniers.

    San Antonio, TX

  • GM Stop your unacceptable behavior, climate science is valid. If you folks don't accept science, how is it you employ science in the manufacture of your products. If you don't accept science, stop using the technology. Sincerely Michael Simon

    Oregon City, OR

  • I am very disappointed to find that GM supports the Hearthland Institute. This organization is not at all engaged in trying to discover scientific truth. Rather, it is trying to bend science and magnify the voices of a tiny minority of skeptic scientists to benefit a political agenda. I have owned a Buick Century. I was pleased with it, but will not purchase another car by a company that funds such an organization. We need to focus on America putting out the best and most affordable clean cars and not waste valuable time and money funding people who are the ideological bretheren of those who swore that the earth revolved around the sun. If we don't rush to the forefront of green technology, America (and GM) will no longer be at the top of the world's economic superpowers. Thank you for your time.

    Belle Plaine, MN

  • We traded in our 2007 Equinox in February, 2011, and purchased a Buick Enclave. We are loyal GM customers and retired teachers concerned about climate change and global warming. We would truly appreciate your consideration to pull funding from the Heartland Institute. We believe in the overwhelming evidence that attests to the stresses on the planet and expect you to do your best to promote wise investments and productions. Thank you. Carol Anne and Ben Schmidt

    Leavenworth, KS

  • The Heartland Institute is a bunch of lying scam artists. Their primary goal is to falsify or distort the truth in order to seek political and economic gain for their few pet supporters. I was actually considering buying a GM vehicle again, but I have such disdain for Hearland, that I won't be considering GM now.

    Charlotte, NC

  • I owned a 1969 El Camino/ a 1972 Nova/ a 1998 Chevy Malibu/ a 1989 Olds with a quad 4/ a 1989 cutlass with a 4 banger/ and an Olds Omega. . If you keep denying climate change I will never buy a GM car again. I currently own a Mitsubishi Mirage and I am quite happy to avoid GM in the future.

    Garfield, NJ

  • I thank you, GM, for what you have done thus far. However, I believe you can do better helping to make cleaner cars & cars that run on alternate fuels whichobtain better mileage and provide less polutants in our air ways.

    Sun City, AZ

  • I am car hunting, and GM makes a model I could be interested in, but I'm not buying from them. It still burns me that we had to bail them out and they are still taking such an anti-America stance as to be denying global warming the way they are. They don't want their people to learn to build cars that compete with the rest of the world (oh, there's a shock!). They don't want their grandchildren to know the earth we have today, because it won't be here. They don't want to fuel America's recovery, just its ugly, stagnant status quo. I'm shopping elsewhere in 6 months.

    Torrington, CT

  • I currently own a 1999 Metro, but will not purchase another when this one dies. The company is supporting a lie and expecting us to allow the country's children to be taught untruths about our world and the climate changes. Not acceptable.

    Carnation, WA

  • If GM continues to support Hearland and other anti-environmental organizations, I will be sure that my next car, and everyone in my family's next car, is a NOT a GM model. The world is facing serious problems as a result of climate change and it is highly irresponsible of any American company to fund organizations that would intentionally aim to dilute, subvert, or otherwise damage science education.

    San Mateo, CA

  • I purchased a 1993 Honda Del Sol in the fall of 1992 and 1996 Ford E350 Club Wagon. By the ages of the vehicles and moving into the 21st century, I now am considering the Chevy Volt. But learning of your funding the Heartland Institute, I will place my purchase in abeyance or find an alternative elsewhere.

    Brentwood, NY

  • GM: If you truly want to "proactively address the concerns posed by climate change," you can take a major step in the right direction by pulling all funding from the Heartland Institute. My next car will be one built in this country but it may not be the Buick LaCrosse that I planned to get if this sort of thing is allowed to go on unchecked.

    Oakland, CA

  • Stop lying and be honest. We all saw the documentary death of the electric car-EV1. Don't be so naive about what the public knows. I own GM now, but won't dare buy it again after the way I was treated.

    Jerry and donna
    Jupiter, FL

  • I just test drove the Volt last night, and this news about GM's effort to work against bettering our planet will make me go to Ford for the Focus electric. Please rethink your decision to fund Heartland.

    Raleigh, NC

  • When you take the time to read & educate yourself on climate change using real science, you learn that it is NOT a lie. If you choose to listen to people's opinions you never can be certain of what is right & what is wrong. You can be easily swayed to believe a charismatic speaker if you yourself have not taken the time to learn the truth. Please be careful in whom you support. Do not support anyone who cares nothing about truth or our Earth. I expect you to be a more responsible steward with your spare funds. .

    Glasgow, MT

  • You must stop funding climate change deniers , Heartland Institute. Not only are they on the wrong side of the issue, they would want the next generation kept in ignorance until we no longer can live on this earth.

    Davie, FL

  • I have been considering your vehicles for my next purchase. This recent information of GM funding the propogation of misinformation makes me seriously doubt that I would want to support your company unless this changes.

    Lynchburg, VA

  • My roots with G.M. go way back to my grandfather, Martin Menton, working for Fisher Body in the old day, & his sons followed suit, joining General Motors in their design dept., so what G.M. does is always important to me for personal reasons and as a tax payer, for economic reasons. Let's not give the anti-climate people any encouragment by contributing to their organizations! Be careful with our money & your reputation.

    Fountain Hills, AZ

  • Please do not support junk science Heartland Inst. Just continue to show more commitment to alternative vehicles. VW has TDI, GM might learn something from these guys! If you build diesel (again), do it right this time!

    Edgewood, NM

  • There are more legitimate "insttitutes" you could be funding. Climate change deniers may suit your agenda but car companies could be doing more to help climate change instead of putting your head in the sand by working with deniers. There is no controversy in climate change -- it is a fact. Oh yes, and cigarettes don't cause lung cancer.

    Long Beach, NY

  • I have owned many GM automobies in the 56 years since getting my PA driver's license; I currently own a 2002 Prizm; and I have intended to buy another Chevrolet model. Your funding of the Heartland Institute (a mis-named organization that couldn't know anything about "heart") has convinced me that a Ford Focus or Fusion would be a better purchase. To imply that climate change is some sort of scan just to improve your bottom line is unconsionable and makes me ill.

    C. Brooke
    Williamsport, PA

  • When I was young had Chevy's and then oldsmobiles until quality was totally compromised. Over the last year seriously considering your volts for our next vehicle. Why? Two reasons built in USA by union workers and quality moving forward utilizing green technology - specifically electric

    Milbrae, CA

  • I'm a former GM employee and have purchased 10 or more GM cars. You have no business, no matter how small, participating in funding a sleazy organization like the Heartland Foundation. climate change is real.

    Lynnwood, WA

  • YOU were bailed out, thankfully. Do not repay that by doing what caused you to NEED to be bailed out: deny the need to protect our climate, environment, and way of life with smarter, cleaner, more efficient and longer-lasting cars.

    Lawrence, KS

  • I will never be a GM owner after they pulled this. This is in fact attempted murder And to an entire planet full of people, animals and beings. Climate change denialists that use money to distort science should not only be silenced but face MASSIVE fines and Jail time for attempting to kill us all!! They are trying to kill mankind and should be charged as such.

    Kennesaw, GA

  • I'm shopping for a new car. This matters to me.

    Freeport, ME

  • Why don't you spend the money developing engines that run on less fossil fuels or better on alternative energy? Just think of the advertising you could do to the American public "Doing our part to decrease the American and world dependency on fossil fuel to benefit health the health of all." Get with the times GM!

    North Hollywood, CA

  • I am almost 62 years old and my ENTIRE life a GM car has been in the driveway. Please remember that the science regarding global warming is TRUE and I will NO LONGER BUY GM if you do not immediately pull all funding from the Heartland Institute. I am totally saddened to hear you are NOT BEING TRUE TO YOUR WORD regarding making more efficient car for the future. I want my grand daughters to have CLEAN AIR TO BREATHE - don't you want the same for your grand children?

    Pasadena, TX

  • I want to cheer for GM and the American automobile industry's full recovery, but it is difficult to do when I know you are funding climate deniers whose goal is to feed the ignorant more lies, which will soon cause all of us a great deal of pain. Do the right thing! De-fund the Heartland Institute!

    Fort Collins, CO

  • I used to own a Chevy Monza 4-cylandar when I was about 40 years old. I root for GM motors in my heart and want you folks to stay on the green-vehicle band wagon. Please do not fund the Heartland Institute because these folks are against anything related to reducing green-house gases. Again, please do not donate to the Heartland Institute. Please move to onto electric vehicles and hybrids. Please help us breath cleaner air. Please help make the world a better place for our grandchildren.

    Milpitas, CA

  • As a Volt owner, I am extremely happy with my vehicle. With GM so well positioned to move forward in this direction, I cannot understand why they are clinging so tightly to their oil-soaked past.

    Duluth, GA

  • I had a Buick Park Ave. At 60,000 miles the plastic manifold broke, coolant flooded the engine, and damaged at least one rod. I had to junk the car. And I was heartbroken. Now- Please do not support global warming deniers. I have seen the places where the glaciers were, and visited the communities slowly being drowned out in the Alaskan north. Please - if you cannot tell the truth - at least stop supporting those who lie for money.

    Baltimore, MD

  • As a certified high school science teacher, and a life-long pony-car guy, I know my stuff when it comes to cars, and to the reality of global warming. I also have received, from the Heartland Institute, two separate invitations to go on so-called "fact-finding" field trips, intended to promote Big Coal and to deny the reality of global warming as a result of burning of fossil fuels. The "field trips" were nothing more than propaganda programs, and they rudely responded to my questions about where their funding came from. They are a contemptible bunch of disemblers whose "professionalism" is a farce. As a taxpayer, I deeply resent General Motors' use of my tax dollars to support the denial of scientific fact, by supporting this bogus, propaganda group called the Heartland Institute.

    Hosston, LA

  • One of my brothers spent his entire working career at GM as a designer. I have been so proud of him. My father lived long enough to buy an Oldsmobile for which my brother designed the front grill and he couldn't have been more proud to own and drive that car! I respectfully ask that you immediately pull all funding from the Heartland Institute and make me proud of GM once again!

    Augusta, GA

  • I might consider buying a Chevy Volt in the near future. But I'll look elsewhere for my next green car if you continue to donate to Heartland Institute and other such climate change denier organizations

    Eastsound, WA

  • So let me get this straight, the US taxpayers bail GM out, and then they waste money on pointless Heartland Institute climate change-denial "studies"? It is time for GM to go on public record stating that they will cease funding the Heartland Institute - immediately and permanently.

    San Marcos, CA

  • I know all about Heartland and the Kochs. Shame shame shame on you GM! You promote a LIE that could destroy LIFE on Earth. My son was offered a job selling GM products. He will be interested in this deception.

    Stevens Point, WI

  • My tax dollar bail out to you, was not for funding to the Heartland institute Reckless moneyed agenda! If You Care about the Future of the Earth and all life, Stop Funding ignorant Climate Change deniers! It's Evil.

    Kendall, WI

  • You just got bailed out and I totally supported that! Now, you need to be socially and morally responsible by not perpetuating anti-science. Start making GREEN cars: electric and solar powered. Don't sell out to the oil companies!

    Long Beach, CA

  • If GM keeps funding these wackos, then you can bet that I will never buy a GM vehicle. I own a Ford, but I hope that Ford is not doing the same thing. Nothing good can come from denial. Remember, there will be no more be bail -outs If GM sinks like a ship, then just call it good karma for the citizens of this planet.

    Manchester, NH

  • My first car was a Grand Am. I loved that car! I will not buy another GM product if you support directly or indirectly misinformation being given to the public. The use of fossil fuels speeds climate change. I applaud your Volt for heading in the right direction, but to give funding to a group that denies climate change with your other hand is counterproductive to say the least. I will be spreading the word.

    Cherry Valley, IL

  • Was thinking of trading up but-won't be with GM now that I know GM is funding the Heartland Institute. We taxpayers bailed you out and now you are selling not only us out but also future generations. Thanks for stabbing us in the back.

    Mineral Wells, WV

  • I love Buicks and Cadillacs! My husband loves his pickup. We have been GM owners for 50 years. If GM continues to fund the Heartland Institute, we will NOT purchase another GM vehicle. End of story. END THIS SUPPORT!

    Blue Ridge, GA

  • I didn't even know that my car was GM. Now I know. Anyone who pays to deny science, has to be put with those stange beings we study from the Middle Ages. Come on GM don't turn yourself into a dinasaur.

    Chicago, IL

  • How short sighted can you be? This isn't why we bailed you out. The climate effects everybody and we are all better off with cars that get better gas milage. Meet the challenge instead of fighting it.

    Rives Junction, MI

  • Dear GM, The American People blessed you with a second chance of survival. Prior to your bankruptcy, many people believed that it would be impossible for a company the size of GM to fail. The same line of thought holds true for Climate Change. Some are still living in denial that this is happening, yet it is happening as they hold that thought, just as many believed GM was solvent, when the truth was "It was not"! One major difference, is that we can not give the enviorment a second chance as we did you. Once the warming gets to a point, there is no turning back and we are doomed. GM's past financial events should have tought it a valuable lesson on honesty, responsible behaviour and the value of second chances. Please turn away from the Hartland Institute and they destructive and selfish agenda's. We are now in the market for 7 new trucks for our company. GM was one of our considerations. I will be removing GM as a consideration. We are a socially responsible company and will only do business with the same.

    Ewing, NJ

  • Only dumb idiots would not recognize the on-going global climate changes. May be that is a principle of persistent pathological stubbornness: If it's not my idea - it's wrong! Then it's time to see the doctor.

    Edmonds, WA

  • Part of why we bought the Chevrolet to give to our son was for its good gas mileage, and that's not just to save money - it's also to be a good citizen of the planet! You are a good citizen when you produce cars with high mileage, and not a good citizen when you fund climate deniers. We want you to be a good citizen all the way! Thanks!

    Lexington, KY

  • I was brought up from childhood to base my opinions on proven facst based on scientific inquiry. What GM is doing by supporting a group like Hearland is undermining my confidence in them to make decisions that affects my environment. Who makes these decisions at GM?

    Cranston, RI

  • No one is happier than me that you-GM-are back on top globally. But the real future for your industry is "green " Vehicles in response to the real threat from climate change.

    Rob WA

  • On a day when GM announces record profits, partly as a result of the support of the US government, it does not make sense to support a bunch of climate change denying pinheads who vilified that support.

    Olympia, WA

  • It's obvious that man is causing irreversible changes on this planet. We're even polluting the oceans! So it's a no brainer to realize that man is adversely affecting the climate. GM and other deniers need to face the truth.

    Kamiah, ID

  • I'm disappointed in GM. One of my favorite cars was my Grand Am. Was thinking about the Volt for the future, but won't put a penny toward a new GM vehicle until they get out of the game of manipulation and untruth about climate change.

    Northport, NY

  • Gee, I was seriously debating between a Chevy Volt and a Nissan Leaf. In the pro-Volt column I had "American company", bit global warming is an earth-issue. There will be no America as we know it if we fail to protect the earth. GM's support of these merchants of doubt has pushed me over into the Nissan Leaf camp. You're on the wrong side of history. Maybe Romney was right, we should've just let you fail so you wouldn't be able to literally kill millions of people down the road by participating in the delay of meaningful climate change policy. Shame on you and everyone who was and is part of this continuing decision to support these free-market terrorist like the Heartland Institute.

    Dallas, TX

  • I will cease purchasing any products from GM and its subsidiaries until they stop funding the Heartland Institute. I will encourage those I know to do the same.

    Kerhonkson, NY

  • As a taxpayer who bailed you out I am astonished you would fund such a blatant climate change denier. They are also part of the opposition to President Obama and the Democrats, and in league with those who called for your liquidation. How appalling.

    weymouth, MA

  • With corruption in manufacturing data like this, I can assure you that you now have lost me as a client altogether. You already have been on a continued decline on so many other areas in your product itself, now you just dig a deeper grave for yourself. So sad.

    Madison Hts, VA

  • My family has bought American products all my life. I am 45 years old and two years ago was the first time my parents bought a car that is not American. Buying a product made in America helps my fellow citizens and it helps the environment by not having the extra shipping from across the ocean. I plan on buying another car/pickup soon. How that vehicle effects the environment is important to me. When your company takes a position that climate change is a bunch of crap and supports others with that same view. I do not see how I can support a company with backward thinking. I want a company that is responsible and thinks about how they effect the world we all live in.

    Kelso, WA

  • supporting climate change denial and fomenting confusion over the clearly settled science. GM and companies like them funding this campaign are subversive and despicable. I will certainly do all I can to avoid GM products.

    Princeton Junction, NJ

  • You're currently synonymous with the eco-friendly Chevy Volt, therefore this revelation will send a mixed message that will do maximum damage to your PR at the height of all the press you're getting for your comeback. Knock it off now, or I'm never buying another GM vehicle, even an electric.

    Northville, MI

  • Consumers vote with their dollars too. Remember how much your financial success depends upon the concurrent success of We The People. "There is no calamity greater than lavish desires. There is no greater guilt than discontentment. And there is no greater disaster than greed. " Lao-tzu (604 BC - 531 BC), The Way of Lao-tzu

    Brockport, NY

  • it becomes increasingly difficult to play both ends against the middle. the middle is watching. let's drop the frailties that plagued the old gm, and begin doing business in an ethical manner. playing both sides is not a hedge; it is a cheat and a distraction. pick a goal and work for its achievement.

    West Warwick, RI

  • Please continue to advance and support environment care, funds and standards to protect, conserve or revive the environment, biodiversity and humanity (and sentient) common habitat to advance the common and greater good and the well being of life supporting eco-systems and global communities

    Houston, TX

  • It's things like this that have made me a Honda/Toyota driver... that and the fact that Toyota and Honda are more made in America nowadays than GM and Ford... You guys really need to get your acts together and make more fuel efficient cars, bring back American jobs (which means doing what's right instead of what's most profitable in the short term) and you've got to stop the climate change denial B.S., Otherwise I sure as hell will never buy another GM vehicle.

    Brattleboro, VT

  • I own a Buick, but my next car will be better for the environment. Stop wasting your money so you can poison the air for a few more years! Change your cars and make a profit while helping make the Earth more livable!

    Topton, NC

  • I used to own a GM car, but I'll tell you what. I'll never buy another one as long as GM keeps giving to the Heartland Institute! GM, you should be ashamed! You should be acting responsibly and creating affordable, clean vehicles, instead of supporting a group that denies global warming and climate change!! I certainly won't forget this and neither will my friends and family!

    Swanzey, NH

  • G.M. has been a part of our family history for longer than I can remember. I am writing to ask you to please consider DE-FUNDING the Heartland Institute, which denies global change. As a family member of the Produce Business, we are directly effected by Global Change. Our company ships produce through-out N. America. Global Warming has directly brought our business to a downward spiral, as the mid-west can & does grow their own food, now that they have extended summer weather. Please consider all who are affected by this Climate Change. We cannot afford to be apart of the DENIERS of Global Warming. It is Everywhere!

    Carlsbad, CA

  • From reading I have done written by respected scientists, I think that climate change is a serious threat and needs to be addressed immediately. I am shocked and angry to learn that you are funding the Heartland Institute. Please reconsider and do not give any more money to such a deceitful organization.

    Gardnerville, NV

  • I currently drive an 06 Silverado which I purchased new from a dealer. There's a slight chance I may buy another. But, if GM continues to deny obvious climate change and other enviornmental issues, I'll never buy another GM product.

    Steamboat Springs, CO

  • I think a corporation whose existence is only because of a public investment, has an obligation not to support fraudulent science and scientific conclusions. I also wish to emphasize that any purchasing support you might receive from me is dependent on your social responsibility, obviously lacking at the moment, and that I will consider it my obligation to make the connections your support of the Heartland Institute requires.

    Cumberland Center, ME

  • I don't own a GM car but I have driven GM cars. I am greatly upset about the fact that GM is funding Heartland. We have helped Gm to survive and now GM is spending our money to support a climate denying think tank. I find this outrageous.

    East Haven, CT

  • To deny that the climate HAS changed due to global warming, a large component of which is caused by fossil fuel consumption, is to deny the consensus of over 90% of the world's climate scientists. The "experts" who deny global warming include those whose research was funded by the oil and gas industries.

    Nashua, NH

  • I am in the market for a new automobile this year, and although I would love to buy American, I will not consider a GM vehicle if you choose to fund the Heartland Institure!

    Clovis, CA

  • Inspite of GM's former record as a anti-environmnental company I believed that after the "reorganization" GM would be capable of turning over a new and progressive page in its history. Sadly it seems GM is now a two faced company, displaying a enviromentally friendly face to the public while working to undermine efforts to avert a climate change with the other. Humm, how does that play into customers confidence in what you say about the quality of your vehicles............?

    Howell, MI

  • Get your priorities right for our grandchildren. Then maybe I'll purchase from you again. My $$ is an important, the best way to make changes. Take note GM this practice is a huge trend to movement to lifestyle.

    Incline Village, NV

  • As a loyal GMC owner, I expect the most from this company. Especially when it comes to emission standards that reduce negative effects on climate change. Climate change is NOT a scientific controversy. It is a scientific fact. If GM does not change its position, you can be sure that I, my family and friends will not continue to own GM trucks and cars.

    Grass Valley, CA

  • I've owned several Buicks and Chevies. I was careful to buy cars with the smallest possible ecological footprint. I believe that GM is leading the world into catastrophe by funding climate change deniers and my auto purchasing decisions (and my advice to friends) follows my beliefs.

    Greensboro, NC

  • I do not own a new GMC made care but have a truck and sedan made by GMC. I won't consider buying any GMC vehicle if you continue to support the Heartland institute. In other words, you support three percent of the climatologists in the world and reject the findings of 97%. Dumb

    Bucoda, WA

  • We saved you from bankruptcy, though I'm not sure we should have. We will not support your efforts to deny climate change. If you hope to continue to grow, you will pull your funding immediately from support of climate change denial. I will never buy a GM car while you continue to pursue this nonsense. Did you not learn from your past experience??? We are watching you closely and we will abandon our efforts to support your company, if you do not support the well-being of our country. You are walking on thin earth and the American public will turn on you in a nanosecond.

    Lake Havasu City, AZ

  • I am outraged that GM, which has received my tax money, as well as my money from my purchase of their automobiles, would use that money to fund a group such as the Heartland Institute. Climate change is real, and the sooner GM and other deniers accept that the quicker we can do something to stop it.

    Louisville, CO

  • Pres Obama and the Dems/Progressives bailed you out and you are exceeding beyond expectations...how can you put money into a right wing organization that would have left you go bankrupt and fail? Are you masochistic? Don't do it!

    Vallejo, CA

  • I bought an 09 Pontiac G6 after owning a 98 Nissan Altima for 15 years. Even 15 years into climate change, the G6 has worse gas mileage. American car companies nonacceptance of the need to compete with foreign car companies, who understand the need to reduce dependencies on oil and reduce emissions, forces us to choose foreign companies or keeps us dependent on oil. The G6 is a nice car but I'd rather not pay $70 a week to get back and forth to my under-employment job... Stop denying the link between the American car maker and big oil - all of which are major contributors to the reality of global warming. Give us EFFICIENT electric cars... Where there's a will, there's a way

    Raleigh, NC

  • I own 2 GM vehicles. I speak with my pocket book and not only find it frustrating to find GM is funding the Heartland Institute, but I am angered at your apparent complicity! Cease your support of Heartland or I will cease support of General Motors - I have a long memory and I DO NOT need you! Cease support of Heartland NOW!

    Hartley, IA